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Writing Award 2013 Best Review: Sara Angelucci “Provenance Unknown”

2013 Best Review award
Natasha Chaykowski

Writing Award 2013 Best Article: Deanna Bowen’s “Invisible Empires”

2013 Best Article award
Ashley Mitrakos

Writing Award 2012 Best Article: In There and Out There: AGYU’s Will Munro Retrospective as Antirelational Aesthetic

2012 Best Article award
Leo Krukowski

Writing Award 2012 Best Review: Generation: Getting Familiar with “History, Glamour, Magic”

2012 Best Review award
Lena Suksi

Writing Award 2010 Best Review: The Erasure of Rhythm: Brendan Fernandes’ Relay League

2010 Best Review award
Daniel Schnee

Writing Award 2009 Best Essay

2009 Best Article award
Karolina Wisniewski

Writing Award 2009 Best Review: The Gallery Killed the Video Star: The Communism of Forms

2009 Best Review award
Eli Budd