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Spring 2018 Newsletter
Relinked, (Relayed), Related

Bárbara Wagner & Benjamin de Burca
18 April – 24 June 2018

Winter 2018 Newsletter
From Out There to The Beyond, Beyond

11 January – 18 March 2018

Fall 2017 Newsletter
Out There: The Better Way

MIGRATING THE MARGINS: Erika DeFreitas, Anique Jordan, Tau Lewis, Rajni Perera, and Nep Sidhu
with public art projects by Farrah Miranda, Otherness, and Sister Co-Resister
15 September – 3 December 2017

The next Curatorial Intensive exhibition opens June 5th

Offsite Exhibition
June 5th – June 22nd, 2017

Spring 2017 Newsletter

Derek Liddington
the body will always bend before it breaks, the tower will always break before it bends
5 April – 4 June 2017

Winter 2017 Newsletter
Out There in the Construction Zone

Illusion of Process: Marvin Luvualu Antonio, Miles Collyer, Maggie Groat
19 January – 12 March 2017

Fall 2016 Newsletter
Out There, Secreted Away

Iris Häussler: The Sophie La Rosière Project
14 September – 11 December 2016

Unaligned Seminars:
The Objects as Subjects edition

Workshop/seminar/reading group
June 21, 7 to 9 pm, @ the Drake Hotel

Book launch for Is Toronto Burning?

15 June 2016, 6 – 9 pm
@ The Spadina Hotel!!!

Spring 2016 Newsletter
Out There at the Edge of the Clearing

What We Lose in Metrics: Public Studio
13 April–19 June 2016

Winter 2016 Newsletter
Out There, Adrift?

Centre for Incidental Activisms (CIA) #3
6 January– 6 March 2016

Fall 2015 Newsletter
Out There in the Streets

Marlon Griffith
Symbols of Endurance
23 September – 6 December 2015

Toronto: The RING OF FIRE has arrived!

AGYU presents

Come OUT THERE and Play with AGYU@PRIDE

AGYU at Pride
June 2015

Spring 2015 Newsletter
Out There Conducting the Refrain

Rashaad Newsome
Silence Please, the Show is About to Begin
8 April – June 14, 2015

Winter 2015 Newsletter
The Collection Strikes Back

Biding Time: The Collection Strikes Back
14 January – 15 March 2015

Fall 2014 Newsletter
25th Anniversary Exhibition Year: Strike Out There!

Is Toronto Burning?
1977 | 1978 | 1979
Three Years in the Making (and Unmaking) of the Toronto Art Scene

AGYU@WorldPride: What are your True Colours?

AGYU and World Pride Call to Action

Spring 2014 Newsletter
25th Anniversary Exhibition Year: Out There Pushing at the Seams

Camilla Singh: Uniforms for Non-Uniform Work

The wheels on The Performance Bus go round and round …

5 February 2014, 6 pm
Departing from OCAD U

If We Ruled the World

5 February – 2 March 2014
Main galleries

Marlon Griffith Artist Residency and Talk

3 February 2014, 7 pm @ The Theatre Centre Pop-Up
1095 Queen St. West, Toronto

Winter 2014 Newsletter
25th Anniversary Exhibition Year: What Shape is Out There?

Centre for Incidental Activisms (CIA) #2

Fall 2013 Newsletter
Out There Breaking a Lance

Wael Shawky: The Cabaret Crusades

AGYU @ Pride

24 – 30 June 2013


Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Spring 2013 Newsletter
Out There: Free as a Bird

Sara Angelucci: Provenance Unknown

Winter 2013 Newsletter
Out There: Crossing the Line

Deanna Bowen: Invisible Empires

Fall 2012 Newsletter
Imagining there’s somewhere Out There

Imaginary Homelands

Spring 2012 Newsletter
Learning to be Out There

Diane Borsato

Winter 2012 Newsletter
An Army of Lovers Will Never Be Defeated

Will Munro

Fall 2011 Newsletter
Surge Out There

Raqs media collective

Spring 2011 Newsletter
Out There, The Periphery as Centre

Humberto Vélez

Winter 2011 Newsletter
allí afuera! Viva la rebelión! Viva la AGYU!

Revolutionary Sundays and CIA

no. it is opposition. book launch

20 September 2010
book launch in Brazil

Fall 2010 Newsletter
Out there, Hardcore

Terrance Houle

Spring 2010 Newsletter
Out There, pulling the strings

Daniel Barrow

Winter 2010 Newsletter
Out There, Centre Stage

Oliver Husain; Alex Wolfson and Bojana Stancic

Exhibition to close

The 1984 Miss General Idea Pavillion slated to return to storage …

New Publication and Book Launch

Book launch for Marman and Borins exhibition catalogue

Queer Night on Campus

Queer Night on Campus isn’t complete without a DJ, a video artist, and glow sticks.

2009 Ontario Association of Art Galleries Awards

Awards received by the Art Gallery of York University

Fall 2009 Newsletter
Hello, Out There

General Idea

Spring 2009 Newsletter
Throwin’ it back Out There!

The Communism of Forms exhibition

Winter 2009 Newsletter
Bustin’ Out There

Jennifer Marman and Daniel Borins

Fall 2008 Newsletter
Paths leading Out There all converge at the centre

Carla Zaccagnini