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Peter Hobbs: Tale of the Sarnia Nose

artists’ book

Erika DeFreitas: very strongly may be fainting

artists’ book

Alejandro Tamayo: A quantifiable translation of the agitation of enclosed air allowing three empty spaces to be visually compared

artists’ book

ABotM 2012 shortlist

books and more books. All of the artists’ variety.

The 2012 ABotM (Call for entries)

Publishing is not a neutral act.
Neither are open competitions for Artists’ Book prizes.

Gareth Long and Derek Sullivan
At work on The Illustrated Dictionary of Received Ideas

Performance, 1 June 2011 starting at 1 PM
AGYU lobby

ABotM 2011 Results

Artists’ Books ‘r’ us!

AGYU @ The DepARTment:
Rob Kovitz: Ice Fishing in Gimli

8 – 27 February 2011
off-site exhibition

ABotM 2010 Call (for 2011 Prize)


Artists’ Book Prize

2010 ABotM Artists’ Book Award