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Spring 2017 Newsletter: STILL Out There: A MOVEMENT IN THE MAKING

Derek Liddington
the body will always bend before it breaks, the tower will always break before it bends
5 April – 4 June 2017

Winter 2017 Newsletter: Out There in the Construction Zone

Illusion of Process: Marvin Luvualu Antonio, Miles Collyer, Maggie Groat
19 January – 12 March 2017

Fall 2016 Newsletter: Out There, Secreted Away

Iris Häussler: The Sophie La Rosière Project
14 September – 11 December 2016

Spring 2016 Newsletter: Out There, at the Edge of the Clearing

What We Lose in Metrics: Public Studio
13 April–19 June 2016

Winter 2016 Newsletter: Out There, Adrift?

Centre for Incidental Activisms (CIA) #3
6 January– 6 March 2016

Fall 2015 Newsletter

Marlon Griffith
Symbols of Endurance
23 September – 6 December 2015

Spring 2015 Newsletter: Out There Conducting the Refrain

Rashaad Newsome
Silence Please, the Show is About to Begin
8 April – June 14, 2015

Winter 2015 Newsletter: The Collection Strikes Back

Biding Time: The Collection Strikes Back
14 January – 15 March 2015

Fall 2014 Newsletter: 25th Anniversary Exhibition Year: Strike Out There!

Is Toronto Burning?
1977 | 1978 | 1979
Three Years in the Making (and Unmaking) of the Toronto Art Scene

Spring 2014 Newsletter: 25th Anniversary Exhibition Year: Out There Pushing at the Seams

Camilla Singh: Uniforms for Non-Uniform Work

Winter 2014 Newsletter: 25th Anniversary Exhibition Year: What Shape is Out There?

Centre for Incidental Activisms (CIA) #2

Fall 2013 Newsletter: Out There Breaking a Lance

Wael Shawky: The Cabaret Crusades

Spring 2013 Newsletter: Out There: Free as a Bird

Sara Angelucci: Provenance Unknown

Winter 2013 Newsletter: Out There: Crossing the Line

Deanna Bowen: Invisible Empires

Fall 2012 Newsletter: Imagining there’s somewhere out there

Imaginary Homelands

Spring 2012 Newsletter: Learning to be Out There

Diane Borsato

Winter 2012 Newsletter: An Army of Lovers Will Never Be Defeated

Will Munro

Fall 2011 Newsletter: Surge Out There

Raqs media collective

Spring 2011 Newsletter: Out There, The Periphery as Centre

Humberto Vélez

Winter 2011 Newsletter: allí afuera! Viva la rebelión! Viva la AGYU!

Revolutionary Sundays and CIA

Fall 2010 Newsletter: Out there, Hardcore

Terrance Houle

Spring 2010 Newsletter, Pulling the strings

Daniel Barrow

Winter 2010 Newsletter, The Programme

Oliver Husain; Alex Wolfson and Bojana Stancic

Fall 2009 Newsletter: Hello, Out There

General Idea

Spring 2009 Newsletter, Throwin’ it back Out There!

The Communism of Forms exhibition