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Illusion of Process
Marvin Luvualu Antonio, Miles Collyer, Maggie Groat

19 January –12 March 2017
Main Gallery

Alejandro Tamayo: A quantifiable translation of the agitation of enclosed air allowing three empty spaces to be visually compared

artists’ book

Iris Häussler
The Sophie La Rosière Project

14 September – 11 December 2016
Main gallery with additional venues at Scrap Metal Gallery and Daniel Faria Gallery.

Is Toronto Burning? Three Years in the Making (and Unmaking) of the Toronto Art Scene

Philip Monk

Public Studio
What We Lose in Metrics

13 April – 19 June 2016
Main Gallery

Centre for Incidental Activisms (CIA) #3

6 January– 6 March 2016
Main gallery

Imaginary Homelands

Emelie Chhangur

Alejandro Tamayo

23 September – 6 December 2015
AGYU Vitrines

Marlon Griffith
Symbols of Endurance

23 September – 6 December 2015
Main Gallery

Come OUT THERE and Play with AGYU@PRIDE

AGYU at Pride
June 2015

Sara Angelucci: Provenance Unknown


Speed Dating for (Non)Dancers

8 April 2015
The Performance Bus

Daniel Cockburn
I Can Feel It

8 April – 14 June 2015
AGYU Vitrines

Rashaad Newsome
Silence Please, the Show is About to Begin

8 April – 14 June 2015
Main Gallery

Labour Intensive

October 1 – 10, 2014
Various sites on York University Keele campus

Is Toronto Burning?
1977 | 1978 | 1979
Three Years in the Making (and Unmaking) of the Toronto Art Scene

17 September – 7 December 2014
Main Gallery

Raqs Media Collective: Casebook


AGYU@WorldPride: What are your True Colours?

AGYU and World Pride Call to Action

Camilla Singh
Uniforms for Non-Uniform Work

2 April – 15 June 2014
Main Gallery

The Driving Lesson

5 February 2014
The Performance Bus

Centre for Incidental Activisms (CIA) #2

6 January – 2 March 2014
Main Gallery

Will Munro: History, Glamour, Magic


Wael Shawky:
The Cabaret Crusades

11 September – 1 December 2013
Main Gallery

Sara Angelucci:
Provenance Unknown

10 April – 16 June 2013
Main Galleries

Glamour Is Theft: A User’s Guide to General Idea 1969-1978

Philip Monk