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The Communism of Forms

Spring 2009 exhibition
both galleries and Red Bull 381 Projects

Sounding Out the Neighbourhood, part 2

AUdio Out listening post
8 April – 14 June 2009

Projecting Questions: Mike Hoolboom’s Invisible Man between the art gallery and the movie theatre

essay collection

Direct Art, Material Action: The Films of Kurt Kren and Otto Muehl

23 February & 27 February
Screenings of Kurt Kren’s mathematically structured films of the Vienna Actionists.

The Pedagogical Intersection of Contemporary Art and Education Outreach

2 – 4 February 2009
Invitational symposium

Diane Borsato:

28 January, 2009
Diane Borsato (an artist), Blair Watson (a herpetologist), and several reptiles (reptiles) entertain our patrons on The Performance Bus on the way to the opening of the Project for a New American Century exhibition.

Daniel Borins and Jennifer Marman
Project for a New American Century

Winter 2009 exhibition
both galleries

Sounding Out the Neighbourhood

Fall 2008
Sound workshops and presentation at TIAF 2008

Panda Colada Luau

5 October, 2008
Ulysses Castellanos brings back the Panda for one more kick at the can. On The Performance Bus, natch.

Ina unt Ina

17 September, 2008
Ina unt Ina (Celina Caroll and Christina Zeidler) host The Performance Bus on the way to the opening reception of no. it is opposition.

Carla Zaccagnini
no. it is opposition.

Fall 2008 exhibition
both galleries

Rodrigo Matheus

17 September – 7 December 2008
Rodrigo Matheus in the AGYU vitrines

Carla Zaccagnini: Catalogue Traduit

artists’ book

Speak Your Mind

Spring 2008

Architecture of the Imagination

Spring 2008

Matthew Brannon: To Say the Very Least

cataloge raisonné of print projects

The Performance Bus Variety Show

6 February, 2008
Jennifer Marman and Daniel Borins host a special Performance Bus Variety Show.

Dissassembling the Archive: Fiona Tan


Saskia Olde Wolbers

Winter 2008 exhibition
both galleries

Bruno Billio

Installation by Bruno Billio in the AGYU vitrines
6 February – 5 May 2008

Student and Emerging Artist Video Screening at the AGYU – HOT NEW VIDEO ART!

November 7 & 14 2007
Open screenings of videos by students and emerging artists, curated by Darryl Bank.

The Moustache Ride

26 September, 2007
Katie Bethune-Leaman provided the props on the way to the opening reception of FASTWÜRMS’ DONKY @ NINJA @ WITCH on The Performance Bus.


Fall 2007 exhibition
both galleries

Black Creek United

September 2007

North York Safari

8 April, 2009
Carolyn Tripp’s off-season Performance Bus safari to the Koffler Gallery and the AGYU.

Dr. Strangelove Dr. Strangelove: An Artist Book by Kristan Horton

artists’ book

Panda Spa

25 April, 2007
Ulysses Castellanos hosts the Panda Spa on The Performance Bus.

Kristan Horton
Dr. Strangelove Dr. Strangelove

Spring 2007 exhibition
Back gallery

Anitra Hamilton
Retrospective on Parade

Spring 2007 exhibition
Front gallery

Cover to Cover

Spring 2007

Pillow Fight League!

31 January, 2007
The PFL commanded the attention of The Performance Bus-patrons on the way to the exhibition opening for Try & Be Grateful

Matthew Brannon: Try & Be Grateful

Winter 2007 exhibition
both galleries

Past Present: The Phenomenon of Re-enactment in Contemporary Art, Film, and Theatre

17 October 2006
Panel discussion with Seth Feldman, Andrew Houston, Gabriel Levine, Dorit Naaman. Screening of Peter Watkin’s The Battle of Culloden, and Jeremy Deller’s The Battle of Orgreave (An Injury to One is an Injury to All).

Partly Dave & Partly Roula

4 October, 2006
Dave Dyment and Roula Partheniou escort patrons to and from the Jeremy Deller opening at the AGYU onThe Performance Bus.

Jeremy Deller

Fall 2006 exhibitions
Both galleries plus off-site at Mercer Union

Kathryn Rupert Dazai

Installation by Kathryn Rupert Dazai in the AGYU vitrines
4 October – 3 December 2006

Looking at the Overlooked

Fall 2006

Myk Freedman and Eric Chanaux

8 June 2006
An experimental music series performance by Myk Freedman (lapsteel) and Eric Chanaux (guitar).

Ken Aldcroft’s Convergence Ensemble

31 May 2006
Performance by Ken Aldcroft’s Convergence Ensemble.

Matthew Brannon

20 April – 25 June 2006
Matthew Brannon’s Learning to Swallow in the AGYU Vitrines

Stan Douglas
Inconsolable Memories

Spring 2006 Exhibition
both galleries

Vamos Mes Amigos!!

19 April, 2006
Luis Jacob conducted a class in the proper pronunciation of Spanish on the way up, while Susan Lord conducted a film studies course on the way back. ANother installment of The Performance Bus.

The Pavilion of Virginia Puff-Paint: An artist book by Jeremy Laing and Will Munro

artists’ book with DVD

Tim Postgate and Ben Grossman

1 March 2006
Experimental music series joint performance by Tim Postgate and Ben Grossman.

Explorations In Time Travel: Fiona Tan and the Archival Image

February 8 2006
Panelists Corinn Columpar, Vid Ingelevics, Suzie S.F Young, and moderator Phillip Monk discuss Fiona Tan and the Archival Image.

Fiona Tan

Winter 2006 exhibition
both *new* galleries

Lucky 13

25 January, 2006
Andrew J. Paterson hosts The Performance Bus with the quiz show, Lucky 13, on the way to the new AGYU grand opening.

Matthew Brannon and Liam Gillick: AGYU @ the Drake Hotel and TAAFI 2005

Fall 2005 Exhibitions
The Drake Hotel and TAAFI

AGYU @ Frosh 2005

Fall 2005 exhibitions
Various locations around York University


18 May 2005
A performance by electroacoustic trio quasiMODAL (cheryl o, Steven Suave, Michael Keith) at the AGYU.