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Speed Dating for (Non)Dancers

8 April 2015
The Performance Bus

The Driving Lesson

5 February 2014
The Performance Bus

The (Performance) Buses Are A’Comin’

16 January 2013
The Performance Bus

Get on The Performance Bus (that is, if you can…)

12 September 2012
Please present your papers for inspection ….

Psychopathic Travels

4 April 2012
Well, nothing could go wrong here, could it …

Vaseline in His Back Pocket…

11 January 2012
Time-travelling The Performance Bus with Syrus Marcus Ware

Bingo Dilemma

22 September 2011
What’s a bus without a dilemma? Or a game of bingo? Or Oliver Husain?

Are We There Yet?

13 April 2011
Jon Sasaki presents the most apt question yet on The Performance Bus

The Jeff Koons Performance Bus

19 January 2011
The AGYU and Anitra Hamilton do it doggy-style!

Darren O’Donnell and the networking kids

15 September 2010
Darren O’Donnell and his crew of Parkdale youth network their way up to the opening of Terrance Houle’s GIVN’R on The Performance Bus

Zsa Zsa to GI

HOOLbus redux

8 April 2009
Steve Reinke’s audio interpretation of Mike Hoolboom’s early filmworks played on The Performance Bus on the way to the opening of The Communism of Forms.

Diane Borsato:

28 January, 2009
Diane Borsato (an artist), Blair Watson (a herpetologist), and several reptiles (reptiles) entertain our patrons on The Performance Bus on the way to the opening of the Project for a New American Century exhibition.

Panda Colada Luau

5 October, 2008
Ulysses Castellanos brings back the Panda for one more kick at the can. On The Performance Bus, natch.

Ina unt Ina

17 September, 2008
Ina unt Ina (Celina Caroll and Christina Zeidler) host The Performance Bus on the way to the opening reception of no. it is opposition.

The Performance Bus Variety Show

6 February, 2008
Jennifer Marman and Daniel Borins host a special Performance Bus Variety Show.

The Moustache Ride

26 September, 2007
Katie Bethune-Leaman provided the props on the way to the opening reception of FASTWÜRMS’ DONKY @ NINJA @ WITCH on The Performance Bus.

North York Safari

8 April, 2009
Carolyn Tripp’s off-season Performance Bus safari to the Koffler Gallery and the AGYU.

Panda Spa

25 April, 2007
Ulysses Castellanos hosts the Panda Spa on The Performance Bus.

Pillow Fight League!

31 January, 2007
The PFL commanded the attention of The Performance Bus-patrons on the way to the exhibition opening for Try & Be Grateful

Partly Dave & Partly Roula

4 October, 2006
Dave Dyment and Roula Partheniou escort patrons to and from the Jeremy Deller opening at the AGYU onThe Performance Bus.

Vamos Mes Amigos!!

19 April, 2006
Luis Jacob conducted a class in the proper pronunciation of Spanish on the way up, while Susan Lord conducted a film studies course on the way back. ANother installment of The Performance Bus.

Lucky 13

25 January, 2006
Andrew J. Paterson hosts The Performance Bus with the quiz show, Lucky 13, on the way to the new AGYU grand opening.

Mirha-Soleil Ross to Horror, SciFi, Porn

13 April 2005
The Performance Bus to the opening reception of Fiona Banner, Rosa Barba, Nathalie Melikian: Horror, Science Fiction, Porn at the AGYU with multi-disciplinary artist and activist Mirha-Soleil Ross.

Jacob Wren to Istvan Cantor

9 February 2005
Ride The Performance Bus to the opening reception of Istvan Kantor: Machinery Execution with writer, filmmaker, and theatre director Jacob Wren.


24 November, 2004
Filmmaker Steve Reinke entertained, and interpreted, on the way to the opening reception of Mike Hoolboom: The Invisible Man on The Performance Bus.

Games You Play on a Bus

15 September, 2004
Misha Glouberman taught patrons to play games. Really. And why not, it’s The Performance Bus.

Emelie Chhangur enroute to Jeremy Blake

12 May 2004
Emelie Chhangur takes the reins of The Performance Bus enroute to Jeremy Blake’s Winchester Trilogy.

Magic Carpet Ride(s)

11 February, 2004
Darren O’Donnell and Keith Cole led two different Performance Buses going to exactly the same place.

Girl Airlines

3 December 2004
Mariko Tamaki instructs patrons on the fine art of being girlie on the way to the opening of What if feels like for a girl on the inaugural Performance Bus