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Writing Award 2009 Best Essay

2009 Best Article award
Karolina Wisniewski

Writing Award 2009 Best Review: The Gallery Killed the Video Star: The Communism of Forms

2009 Best Review award
Eli Budd

Youtube: History Re-linked

Youtube: History Re-linked
Curatorial Essay by Greg Tobey

Opening Ceremony Beijing 2008 1

Youtube: History Re-linked

Adidas, 2008 Olympic Games

Youtube: History Re-linked

A Fabulous 1950’s Commercial for Coca-Cola (Coke) (No 4)

Youtube: History Re-linked

1956 Chevrolet TV Ad: Sleeping Beauty

Youtube: History Re-linked

Eisenhower warns us of the military industrial complex

Youtube: History Re-linked

Magpul Industries FMG9

Youtube: History Re-linked


Youtube: History Re-linked

Allen Ginsberg in London-Ah Sunflower.

Youtube: History Re-linked

Andrei, what is art?

Youtube: History Re-linked

1984 Nissan Commercial

Youtube: History Re-linked


Youtube: History Re-linked

Subcomandante Marcos

Youtube: History Re-linked

Massacre at Tlatelolco

Youtube: History Re-linked

CHILE- GOLPE 11 sept

Youtube: History Re-linked

Life cereal: Mikey likes it!

Youtube: History Re-linked

Exxon Commercial

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Chevron Human Energy : New Frontiers

Youtube: History Re-linked

Lockheed Martin: Environment

Youtube: History Re-linked

Lockheed Martin – Second To None

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Soy Cuba 1964 funeral

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Studio Video Screening Hot New Video Art 2009 Dissecting the Narrative

Reception and Screening: 7 May 2009
Screening and after party: 12 May 2009
Screenings by students and artists across Canada: Liya Hyunjoo Choi; Benoit Dhennin; Troy Gronsdahl; Maggie Groat; Claire Hodge; Serena Lee; Alexandra Majeras; Mani Mazinani; Scott Saunders.

Turn Around Project (T.A.P.) Fundraiser

April 30 2009
Fundraiser to send two graduates of Port Antonio’s Titchfield High School to The Edna Manley School for the Performing Arts in Kingston, Jamaica.

Laura Belém visited by Earl Miller

8 April, 2009
Studio Visit

Waging Culture 2007: the socio-economic status of Canadian visual artists

An extensive research report on the socio-economic conditions of Canadian visual artists

Artists’ Book Prize

2010 ABotM Artists’ Book Award

David Harper visited by Suzanne Carte-Blanchenot

28 January, 2009
Studio Visit

Matheus & Castro Blog Exchange

Video Studio Blog with Rodrigo Matheus & Daniela Castro

Sandy Plotnikoff visited by Jesse Birch

September 2008
Studio Visit

Abbas Akhavan visited by Nicholas Brown

17 September, 2008
Studio Visit

Jen Hutton visited by Jesse Birch

17 September 2008
Studio Visit

Ron Tran visited by Nicholas Brown

17 September, 2008
Studio Visit

Brendan Fernandes visited by Peter Dykhuis

17 September 2008
Studio Visit

Hosein and Murphy Blog Exchange

Blog exchange between Lise Hosein and Jennifer Murphy

Kerri Reid visited by Jesse Birch Second installment

February 2008
Studio Visit

Kerri Reid visited by Jesse Birch First installment

8 February 2008
Studio Visit

Christian Kliegel visited by Nicholas Brown

6 February 2008
Studio Visit

Student and Emerging Artist Video Screening at the AGYU – HOT NEW VIDEO ART!

November 7 & 14 2007
Open screenings of videos by students and emerging artists, curated by Darryl Bank.

Mark Dudiak visited by Nicholas Brown

25 October, 2007
studio visit

Jon Sasaki visited by Jesse Birch

October 2007
Studio Visit

Myk Freedman and Eric Chanaux

8 June 2006
An experimental music series performance by Myk Freedman (lapsteel) and Eric Chanaux (guitar).

Tim Postgate and Ben Grossman

1 March 2006
Experimental music series joint performance by Tim Postgate and Ben Grossman.

Explorations In Time Travel: Fiona Tan and the Archival Image

February 8 2006
Panelists Corinn Columpar, Vid Ingelevics, Suzie S.F Young, and moderator Phillip Monk discuss Fiona Tan and the Archival Image.

Istvan Kantor: Machinery Execution

8 March 2005
Dr. Steven Bailey, Dr. Shannon Bell, and Dr. Jennifer Fisher discussion on Istvan Kantor: Machinery Execution.

John Oswald

12 January 2005
An experimental music series performance by saxophonist and contact dancer John Oswald at the AGYU

SMASH AND TEENY with John Butcher

18 May 2004
An experimental music series performance by SMASH AND TEENY: Nilan Perera and Sarah Peebles with John Butcher at the AGYU.

Daniel Olson: Soundtracks

25 March 2004
A solo experimental music series performance by Daniel Olson AGYU.

Where I End and You Begin: Wrik Mead and Mike Hoolboom

15 & 21 March 2004
Screenings of Where I End and You Begin, featuring the works of Wrik Mean and Mike Hoolboom, curated by Jacob Korczynski.