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Writing Award 2012 Best Article: In There and Out There: AGYU’s Will Munro Retrospective as Antirelational Aesthetic

2012 Best Article award
Leo Krukowski

Writing Award 2012 Best Review: Generation: Getting Familiar with “History, Glamour, Magic”

2012 Best Review award
Lena Suksi

The 2012 ABotM (Call for entries)

Publishing is not a neutral act.
Neither are open competitions for Artists’ Book prizes.

SIM Residency, Reykjavík, Iceland, May – July, 2011

Foreign Agent series :: Iceland
Katie Bethune-Leamen
4 September 2011

Studio Blog: Giving Voice to Objects

Studio visit
Su-Ying Lee vists Alexandre Singh
11 August 2011

Still Demanding

AGYU at Pride Toronto with a project by Matthew-Robin Nye

Gareth Long and Derek Sullivan
At work on The Illustrated Dictionary of Received Ideas

Performance, 1 June 2011 starting at 1 PM
AGYU lobby

ABotM 2011 Results

Artists’ Books ‘r’ us!

2 + 2 = 5

Foreign Agent series :: Taipei
Jacob Korczynski
4 April 2011

Uniforms for Non-Uniform Work

Blog Exchange
Camilla Singh interviews Jeanie Riddle
posted 3 April 2011

Uniforms for Non-Uniform Work

Blog Exchange
Camilla Singh interviews UWHAH (Until We Have A Helicopter)
posted 24 March 2011

Rise and Shine:
A Community-based Talent Showcase

8 February 2011, doors at 6:30 PM
@ The Underground (York University Keele Campus)

AGYU @ The DepARTment:
Rob Kovitz: Ice Fishing in Gimli

8 – 27 February 2011
off-site exhibition

Studio Blog: Knee deep in multi-culti splendour

Studio visit
Pamila Matharu vists Divya Mehra
15 January 2011

Memories of Trotsky in Turkey

Foreign Agent series :: Istanbul and Buyukada Island
Eshrat Erfanian
13 January 2011

Uniforms for Non-Uniform Work

Blog Exchange
Camilla Singh interviews Paul Butler
09 January 2011

ABotM 2010 Call (for 2011 Prize)


Writing Award 2010 Best Review: The Erasure of Rhythm: Brendan Fernandes’ Relay League

2010 Best Review award
Daniel Schnee

Nine Coordinates to el DF

Foreign Agent series :: Mexico City
Rodrigo Hernandez-Gomez
15 January 2010

Santiago and Chhangur blog exchange

Photo exchange from Daniel Santiago to Emelie Chhangur

All Eyes on Bogotá

Foreign Agent series :: Colombia
Astrid Bastin
15 January 2010

No Spare Change

Foreign Agent series :: India
Srimoyee Mitra
15 September 2009

Writing Award 2009 Best Essay

2009 Best Article award
Karolina Wisniewski

Writing Award 2009 Best Review: The Gallery Killed the Video Star: The Communism of Forms

2009 Best Review award
Eli Budd

Youtube: History Re-linked

Youtube: History Re-linked
Curatorial Essay by Greg Tobey