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IMAGINE US: Call for Submissions

Call for Participation in IMAGINE US project

ABotM 2012 shortlist

books and more books. All of the artists’ variety.

Rebels Rule screening

4 March 2012
Gladstone Hotel

The 2012 ABotM (Call for entries)

Publishing is not a neutral act.
Neither are open competitions for Artists’ Book prizes.

People, Power, Magic

18 January – 4 March 2012
various locations
in-reach project by John Caffery

Still Demanding

AGYU at Pride Toronto with a project by Matthew-Robin Nye

Gareth Long and Derek Sullivan
At work on The Illustrated Dictionary of Received Ideas

Performance, 1 June 2011 starting at 1 PM
AGYU lobby

Humberto Vélez
The Awakening // Giigozhkozimin

14 May 2011, starting at 4PM
At the Art Gallery of Ontario (AGO)

Humberto Vélez
La Carrera (The Race)

Audio Out Listening Post
13 April – 26 June 2011

ABotM 2011 Results

Artists’ Books ‘r’ us!

Curran Folkers
Jennie Suddick: Nothing of Harm to Dread

On Jennie Suddick’s Nothing of Harm to Dread

Jennie Suddick
Nothing of Harm to Dread

13 April – 26 June 2011
Jennie Suddick in the AGYU Vitrines

Eco Art Workshop

Wednesday, 9 March 2011, 4 – 8 PM
In the CIA project space

LOST AND FOUND: (Finding) Hidden Beauty in the ‘Hood

1 – 13 March 2011
In the CIA project space

Alejandro Campos-Garcia talk

17 February 2011, 2 – 4PM
Contemporary Cuban Artists and the Politics of Race, Ethnicity, and Racism

Youth Arts Consultation Forum

9 February 2011, 4:30 – 7:30 PM
towards a spoken word program in Jane and Finch

AGYU @ The DepARTment:
Rob Kovitz: Ice Fishing in Gimli

8 – 27 February 2011
off-site exhibition

Revolutionary Sundays

Winter 2011 Exhibition
Gallery 1

Deanna Bowen, Eugenio Salas, and Public Studio (Elle Flanders, Tamira Sawatzky, Eshrat Erfanian)
Centre for Incidental Activisms [CIA]

Winter 2011 exhibition
Gallery 2

Studio Blog: Knee deep in multi-culti splendour

Studio visit
Pamila Matharu vists Divya Mehra
15 January 2011

Memories of Trotsky in Turkey

Foreign Agent series :: Istanbul and Buyukada Island
Eshrat Erfanian
13 January 2011

Uniforms for Non-Uniform Work

Blog Exchange
Camilla Singh interviews Paul Butler
09 January 2011

Anna Friz and Peter Courtemanche
Extremity Cassette

Audio Out listening post
5 January – 20 March 2011

Winter 2011 Newsletter
allí afuera! Viva la rebelión! Viva la AGYU!

Revolutionary Sundays and CIA

Mateo Rivano
AGYU @ Art Toronto:

28 October – 1 November 2010
Art fair booth with Colombian Mateo Rivano

Richard Windeyer

Audio Out listening post
25 October – 23 December 2010

ABotM 2010 Call (for 2011 Prize)


no. it is opposition. book launch

20 September 2010
book launch in Brazil

Julie Moon
Pretty Pleas

15 September 2010 – 15 March 2011
Julie Moon in the AGYU vitrines

Darren O’Donnell and the networking kids

15 September 2010
Darren O’Donnell and his crew of Parkdale youth network their way up to the opening of Terrance Houle’s GIVN’R on The Performance Bus

Terrance Houle

Fall 2010 exhibition
both galleries

Atanas Bozdarov
The Rebirth of Tragedy

Audio Out listening post
6 September – 24 October 2010

Fall 2010 Newsletter
Out there, Hardcore

Terrance Houle

Carla Zaccagnini: no. it is opposition.

exhibition catalogue

Pieces of Paper

Astrid Bastin on Miler Lagos

Spring 2010 Newsletter
Out There, pulling the strings

Daniel Barrow

Daniel Barrow
Emotional Feelings

Spring 2010 exhibition
both galleries

Nine Coordinates to el DF

Foreign Agent series :: Mexico City
Rodrigo Hernandez-Gomez
15 January 2010

Santiago and Chhangur blog exchange

Photo exchange from Daniel Santiago to Emelie Chhangur

Janice Gurney
Outside Our Doors

Audio Out listening post
25 February – 7 April 2010

Alex Wolfson and Bojana Stancic
And so, the animal looked back…

Winter 2010 exhibition
back gallery

Test Site

Offsite exhibition organised by AGYU

Oliver Husain
Hovering Proxies

Winter 2010 exhibition
front gallery

All Eyes on Bogotá

Foreign Agent series :: Colombia
Astrid Bastin
15 January 2010

Gwen MacGregor and Lewis Nicholson
New Time (Before, there were stars)

Audio Out listening post
6 January – 24 February 2010

Winter 2010 Newsletter
Out There, Centre Stage

Oliver Husain; Alex Wolfson and Bojana Stancic

Exhibition to close

The 1984 Miss General Idea Pavillion slated to return to storage …

New Publication and Book Launch

Book launch for Marman and Borins exhibition catalogue

Queer Night on Campus

Queer Night on Campus isn’t complete without a DJ, a video artist, and glow sticks.

Jennifer Marman and Daniel Borins: Project for a New American Century

exhibition catalogue