Queer Night on Campus

In conjunction with TBLGAY, the AGYU sponsors QUEER NIGHT

Friday November 20th at 9:30 pm

The Underground Pub – Student Centre

York University, Toronto

BREAK OUT OUR GLOW STICKS and get OUT THERE with the infamous DJ COZMIC CAT as she spins and spits with the optical flow assemblage of video artist JEREMY BAILEY.

Jeremy Bailey received his MFA in Video Art from Syracuse University and an undergraduate degree in Visual Studies from the University of Toronto. He is co-founder of award winning artist collective 640 480. His work has been described by filmmaker magazine as “a one man revolution on the way we use video, computers and our bodies to create art.” Jeremy lives and works in Toronto, Canada. His work can be viewed, rented and acquired through Vtape in Toronto.

After a Decade of spinning in Philadelphia, Cozmic Cat (Fur Salon) now spins and produces music out of Toronto. The 5X award winning Canadian dj/producer has rocked dance floors in New York City, Brooklyn, Philly, DC, Puerto Rico, Canada, and Australia. She holds residencies all over Toronto, and has an album due out at the end of 2009.