ABotM 2010 Call (for 2011 Prize)


You: maker of artists’ books.

Us: aficionados of artists’ books.

The Art Gallery of York University is now accepting submissions to the second ever AGYU Artists’ Book of the Moment competition, aka the ABotM*.

We’re fickle, I guess. It seems that only a few months ago we announced that Rob Kovitz’s Ice Fishing in Gimli was the 2010 ABotM. We still like the books, Rob, but we’re in search of the next one. After all, it is the Artists’ Book of the Moment and the next moment is nigh. So, to everyone else out there, it’s time to dust off that magnum opus (or parvum opus, we’re not picky) and send it on in. Our jury is standing by.


All submissions will be available for viewing in February at The DepARTment, as adjunct to an off-site AGYU exhibition of Ice Fishing in Gimli. The 2011 short-list of ABotMs will be announced at the end of the exhibition, and then the finalist, the top of the ABotM 2011, will be revealed at our Spring exhibition opening at the Art Gallery of York University. As with the 2010 ABotM, the winning entry will receive $1,500 CAD … and our undying love [until next year].

Submission guidelines:

  1. Read the full rules (see below).
  2. Complete an ABotM submission information document (available online by clicking this link).
  3. Send the book(s) you wish considered for the AGYU ABotM competition to the Art Gallery of York University. Please include contact information with each entry.
    Books must be received by the AGYU by January 10th, 2011. Do not send books COD.
  4. Wait for the results of the adjudication.

ABotM Rules:

  1. Yes, there are rules.
  2. The “A” in ABotM is silent.
  3. All books submitted to the ABotM competition should already be published (e.g., no prototypes or maquettes) and exist in editions of more than 20 or as open editions. The ABotM is directed towards content-driven artists books. For the purposes of this contest, we will not consider catalogues, portfolios, or promotional material.
  4. There are no restrictions on date or location of production. There is no limit of the number of submissions you may make.
  5. There is no submission fee. No submissions will be returned, however. Over the course of the assessment period, all the books will be publicly accessible at The DepARTment, 1389 Dundas St W, Toronto). At the end of the competition, all works will be placed in our newly-developed artists book resource centre or other suitable collection. Those retained by the AGYU will continue to be accessible to the public by appointment.
  6. All books deemed worthy of ABotM designation will be featured on a section of our website dedicated to artists books along with contact information on the artist(s) responsible. In addition, qualifying artists will receive proper notification and acknowledgment attesting to their designation as an ABotM.
  7. Any submission to the competition is considered tacit agreement to the terms of the competition (especially rule number 5).
  8. Follow all submission guidelines.

ABotM Submission information required for each entry includes:

  • Artist(s)
  • Title
  • Publisher
  • ISBN (if applicable)
  • trim size, page count, production details, year of issue
  • edition size
  • retail price
  • web addresses for artist and for press
  • 200 – 300 words describing the submitted title
  • 200 – 300 words describing the artist
  • 200 – 300 words describing the press
  • contact information for person submitting the book

Online submission form:


Mailing address:

The Art Gallery of York University, attn: ABotM
Accolade East Building
4700 Keele St
Toronto ON M3J 1P3



ABotM seal of approval