640 480 Video Collective: True Love Will Find You in the End

21 May – 13 June 2004

Conceived in 2001, the 640 480 (six-forty-four-eighty) video collective creates collaborative video and installation work that critically explores the nature and value of video as a contemporary art medium. Over the past couple of years, the collective has created several on-line projects, “video etch-a-sketch”, “video-flip-books”, “video-centerfolds, “video-prints”, and, most recently for the AGYU, “video-embroidery”. Using the latest video technology and an electronic embroidery machine, the resulting frame-by-frame embroidered “video”—completed over the course of the exhibition—synthesizes the unique characteristics of both forms of media and explores the potential of their traditional applications. The installation, comprised of a video monitor with looped DVD, embroidery machine, and subsequent stills pinned to the wall as they are created, reflects upon the interface of digital and material output with a new video that deals with death, isolation, and the negation of the physical body: video-as-effigy. -Emelie Chhangur

The AGYU would like to thank Barudan Canada Inc. for the loan of the embroidery machine and for their support in the realization of this project.

(* 640 x 480 is the resolution and viewing size at which television and video monitors are generally set.)