Denniston Ewan: Alien Culture

1 – 16 April 2004

Denniston Ewan’s exhibition Alien Culture, composed of sculpture, installation, and video explores notions of cultural adaptation that are rooted in his experience as a Jamaican-Canadian from a diasporic African background. Through the use of discarded consumer products, Ewan re-fashions the ready-made to (re)create a parallel reality to his lived experience, one that is tied to memory and culture but only as a point of departure: the political and territorial merge with the fantastic. Denniston’s practice examines the ways in which “alien” cultures negotiate life in a new country as a strategy to better understand his own position in contemporary Canadian society.

Denniston Ewan is a candidate for the degree of Master of Fine Arts at York University. In 1991, Ewan graduated from the International Academy of Design and in 1997 received his diploma from the Ontario College of Art and Design with a specialist in sculpture. Select group exhibitions include: Visible 99 (Peel Region Gallery), If I Ruled the World (Red Head Gallery, Toronto), and In Pursuit of Excellence (Metropolitan Toronto Police Headquarters).