Regarding Landscape

12 May – 30 June 2002

Featuring: Scott Lyall, Stan Douglas, Will Gorlitz, Rodney Graham, Svetlana and Igor Kopystiansky, Clare Richardson, Marc Trivier, Jeff Wall, James Welling, Robert Wiens, Robin Collyer

Curated by Gregory Salzman

The Art Gallery of York University, The Koffler Gallery, The Museum of Contemporary Canadian Art in Toronto and the Saidye Bronfman Centre for the Arts in Montreal are pleased to announce Regarding Landscape, a survey exhibition of contemporary landscapes. Organized by Toronto-based independent curator Gregory Salzman, the exhibition will present a range of significant contemporary landscape work by established and emerging Canadian, American and European artists across a variety of media: painting, drawing, photography, sculpture, and video.

The curatorial premise of this project is to invoke landscape’s multiple concerns. The show seeks to convey landscape’s perennial satisfactions deriving from deep human attachments to nature. The intent is to treat the exhibition itself as a landscape and through the selection and presentation of work to pay attention to certain parameters intrinsic to the experience of landscape both as reality and as an art form: distance, relations of foreground/background, space, scale, temporality, movement, light, tempo and rhythm, tone, texture, metaphor, memory. While Regarding Landscape intentionally lacks any central thesis that would artificially limit the natural scope of its subject, the question of what exactly qualifies a landscape as contemporary and why, correspondingly, certain landscapes resonate, is fully at issue here.

We read landscapes and we also experience them with all our five senses. Landscapes which connect the activity of reading and of sensing and in which different orders of information come together and reinforce each other are those which are likely to resonate in our mind and imagination.

Support for Regarding Landscape has been provided by the British Council, the International Artists’ Studio Program in Sweden, The Japan Foundation, Trans Art Transport, the Canada Council for the Arts, the Ontario Arts Council, and the Toronto Arts Council.