Darren O’Donnell and the networking kids

15 September 2010
Performance Bus

There’s only two words to describe this Performance Bus, departing from OCAD at 6 pm sharp en route to the AGYU’s opening of Terrance Houle’s GIVN’R: Darren O’Donnell. The free Performance Bus returns downtown at 9 pm. Get yer cowboy hats on ’cause the ride is going to be so Darren O’Donnell, which means you gotta give’r and get involved!

Darren O’Donnell is a writer, director, social acupuncturist, designer, and Artistic Director of Mammalian Diving Reflex. He once said, “there is the need for an understanding of art that goes not only beyond pleasant aesthetics, but beyond even typical ideas of creativity and imagination, direct engaging with the civic sphere; an aesthetic that can work directly with the institutions of civil society — an aesthetic of civic engagement. An aesthetic that says: Okay, so you want to make culture and creativity a central part of civic life? Fine. Then, as an artist, I want in on the institutions that form — at ground level — the fabric of the city. I want to use these as material in my art practice.”

We like that very much. AGYU thanks you, Darren, for being out there.