Richard Windeyer

A good shushing (like your grandmother probably used to give you) is like an arrow shot through shared airspace. It pulls focus away from self-obsessed interior gazing and casts it out into the world, framing and punctuating the contribution each of us makes to the collective soundscape of the commons.

A good shushing can also wake you up — if only for a moment — to the struggle that each of us experiences in trying to control our surroundings and be heard above the communal din.

Shhh! was narrowcasted from 25 October – 23 December 2010.

Richard Windeyer is a quiet, ghost-like Canadian who composes, performs, sound designs, educates, produces, researches, and specializes in the creative integration of digital and electronic processes in live theatre, music performance, and installation art. As well as being a core member of the inter-arts performance collective Bluemouth Inc., his creative collaborators include FINGER (a technology-based music performance trio), InterArts Matrix, Bruce Barton, Ker Wells, Angela Rawlings, and New Adventures in Sound Art. He also performs live electronic music under various aliases, including ‘The National Exit Strategy,’ and teaches courses in music technology, sound recording, and electroacoustic composition.