Still Demanding

The Art Gallery of York University (AGYU) Dreams BIG at Pride Toronto this year! AGYU and artist Matthew-Robin Nye team up with the Trans, Bi, Lesbian, Gay Alliance at York (TBLGAY), York Federation of Students (YFS), and the SexGen York Committee for the We Demand Redux with a booth at the Pride Street Fair on Saturday July 2nd to Sunday July 3rd and a specially designed float in the 31st annual Pride Parade on Sunday 3rd July 2011, starting at 2pm at Bloor and Church Street.

This year marks the 40-year anniversary of the ‘We Demand’ March in Canada. The march was comprised of about 150 men and women on a rainy day on Parliament Hill in Ottawa with placards stating ‘We Demand!’ with a list of ten required amendments to the Canadian constitution on items related to sexuality.

We Demand Redux is a series of actions, which bring attention to issues facing the Queer community today. Functioning as an education campaign, We Demand Redux honours the history of the Gay Rights and affiliated movements over its 40-year history in Canada. This open-ended campaign is an homage to the leaders of this community both present and past who have shaped one of the most progressive democracies in world history. We Demand Redux empowers the audience to create their own demands, give voice to their frustrations, and issues of interest during the Pride Parade.

The We Demand Redux demands your attention and participation! With a custom designed float and message campaign – visible through tshirts, placards, ballots, and the York University booth – the We Demand Redux looks at the past and forward to the future of Queer activism in Canada. Backing up the redux, DJ Produzentin and Mary Messhausen perform live, bouncing the truck with a heavy, house-pop remix.

How to participate:

  • DEMONSTRATE! March with us in the Pride Parade
  • SUBMIT! Your demands at
  • VISIT! The booth to cast your ballot in person.
  • SUPPORT! Partner with the project.

The We Demand Redux strives to provide a galvanized platform for all to draw attention to the history of LGBT activism in Canada, contemporary issues faced by members of the broad queer community, the de-politicized nature of the Pride Parade, and to reinvigorate an exciting history.

Matthew-Robin Nye recently completed a year-long residency at Flux Factory in New York. In early 2010, he left a prominent Master of Architecture programme in favor of his artistic practice. Focusing his work on the intersection of sexuality, mythology and architecture, he has exhibited in Canada at MADE, the Gladstone Hotel, Nuit Blanche; Greece at the Benaki Museum; in the U.S. at PS1 with Raketa Press, as part of Bruce High Quality Foundation’s Field of Dreams, at Flux Factory and DoVA Temp in Chicago. He has an upcoming collaboration with the video collective Paper Tiger Television, a solo exhibition at Flux Factory, and collaborations in Denmark and Sweden.

produzentin (pro-doo-tsen-tin) is the ambassador of joy, the face of Ontario Tourism and Oreo Sippers. She is also a DJ. produzentin has her fingers in every pie. She currently resides in Toronto and originally hails from Germany. Since moving to Canada, produzentin has been traveling to the Canadian hot spots: Niagara Falls, Dildo (Newfoundland), Moraine Lake (Rocky Mountains) and has even visited a Sugar Shack.

Mary Messhausen is produzentin’s haute couturier bgff from Newfoundland. She hosts the monthly house party Hotnuts where proddy is djing. Mary loves clown slut business wear and frequently hits the road with proddy such as a shopping spree to London, rafting on lake Simcoe and a snow adventure promotion of Pepsi Deluxe.

As the primary point of interaction and news please visit for up-to-date information on the project.