Humberto Vélez
La Carrera (The Race)

AGYU’s Audio Out Series continues with Humberto Vélez’s La Carrera (The Race). This project, originally conceived as a radio performance for the 7th Panama Biennale in 2005, is the commentary of an imaginary horse race, developed from a script created by Vélez and performed by the sports broadcaster Arquímedes Fernández, Vélez’s stepfather.

La Carrera parodies the seriousness with which Panamanians regard equestrian races. The horses are ironically named with terms that categorize and polarize social classes in Panama. It’s a close race between the economic, social, and racial conditions/perceptions deeply embedded in society, personified by Miss Panama, Negro de Mierda, Visa Americana, AIDS, Papa Rico, Extranjera, One Dollar, Oligarchy, and I have a Dream.