Alex Wolfson and Bojana Stancic: And so, the animal looked back …

Art Gallery of York University, 2011
5×9 in, 64 pp, 14 col/12 B&W, softcover
ISBN 978-0-921972-62-4

Take two theatrical plays, mix liberally with a gallery installation. Add a short story. The end result? The coming apocalypse or the one we just experienced; a theatrical production or a gallery installation? Six of one, half dozen of the other. Considering Wolfson and Stancic’s hybrid theatrical event/exhibition installation in the Fall of 2010, it only makes sense that this exhibition catalogue is itself equally split: a script, a catalogue, and/or an artists’ book. It’s not for us to decide. In any case, texts by Alex Wolfson, Philip Monk, and Emelie Chhangur. Illustrations by Ken Ogawa. Design by Michael Maranda.

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