The FAG tapes 3: All Hands on the Archives

Enablers were invited to browse the Cinenova catalogue and select 4 or 5 films from hundreds of titles based on what little information was available. Selection stories range from enablers who chose a revered film, to enablers who took a chance based on a compelling synopsis and a snappy title. As a result we were graced with a dynamic and somehow strangely cohesive program of buried gems and rarely screened films from a canon of feminist film.

4 February 2012

Listen to Midi Onodera
on Guerrilla’s in our Midst (Dir. Amy Harrison, 1992). 1 minute.

Listen to Lisa Steele
on The Man who Envied Women (Dir. Yvonne Rainer, 1985). 1 minute.

11 February 2012

Listen to Natalie Kourie Towe
on Leila and the Wolves (Dir. Heiny Srour, 1984). 6 minutes.

Listen to Hazel Meyer and Logan Macdonald
on Some Ground to Stand On (Dir. Joyce Warshow, 1998). 2 minutes.

18 February 2012

Listen to Syrus Marcus Ware
on A Place of Rage (Dir. Pratibha Parmar, 1991). 2 minutes.

Listen to Chase Joynt
on Boys in the Backyard (Dir. Annette Kennerley, 1993) and Matt (Dir. Annette Kennerly, 1998). 1 minute 22 seconds.

25 February 2012

Listen to Michèle Pearson Clarke
on Framing Lesbian Fashion (Dir. Karen Everett, 1992). 1 minute 25 seconds.

Listen to Hannah Jickling and Helen Reed
on Veronica 4 Rose (Dir. Melanie Chait, 1983). 5 minutes.