The FAG tapes 6: Agit–Ephemera

Cinenova’s All Hands on the Archive related the importance of feminist histories that have both posterity and permeability. The various artifacts/photos/letters/recordings/ thoughts/ exchanges/ facebook posts which came into the world through FAG similarly exist to move through the circuits of future-histories of feminist art + activism.

Agit-ephemera does not become a record of what happened at FAG, but rather new tools and tactics for future art + activism, in other contexts. Ephemera, despite its close etymological relationship to “the ephemeral,” here means that it is transformed through its multiple iterations as these artifacts are exchanged and re-circulated, finding new life through their enablement.

Some Agit-ephemera:

Hazel Meyer & Logan Macdonald made fist pumping “Lez Do Democracy” Signs. Helen Reid + Hannah Jickling, and Syrus Marcus Ware rallied the audience to write letters. Writings moved through FAG circles and beyond extending through ephemera our experiences of a moment in collectivity and offering up possibilities and thoughts of localized systems of feminist distribution.

Listen to Allyson Mitchell
On the “Lez Do Democracy” signs. 30 seconds. 2012/02/11

Dear Enablers,

Thank you for watching films with us at the F.A.G on Saturday, Feb 25, 2012. We were excited to share Melanie Chait’s “Veronica 4 Rose” with you (&as we mentioned before), there seemed to be some pointing back and forth between this film and Miranda July’s video chain letter, “Joanie 4 Jackie” (began in 1995). Our own Emma Hedditch launched a similar project in called, “And I Will Do” that distributed the voices and work of young women video/film makers to/ amongst each other.

Because so much of “Veronica 4 Rose” was about the distribution, reception & visibility of young women’s lives it was clear to us that Joanie 4 Jackie was inspired by this earlier film. This was a sort of unsubstantiated connection, so we guess that the influences of these works on each other is a rumor we are spreading. If you are interested watch this…

Miranda July Joanie for Jackie part 1:

We are excited about all of these works/ projects because they point back to what we were doing at the F.A.G – cultivating an audience / conversation / community for each other that we may be missing elsewhere. It also helps wrap things right-on-back to a text we encountered in early January (with some of you) by Lis Rhodes called “Whose History.”

Though our letter writing activity was not really a chain letter, we wanted to oblige you to participate in some awkwardness & make you say something with a pen, (with the promise of getting something back)

Your letters talked about the screenings but also more generally about the larger project of, “an audience of enablers cannot fail” there were too many letters to send you each a copy, but if you would really love all of them, write us and we will make it happen. For today we are sending you 4 (sorry if you got your own)

Xo, H4H


Listen to Hannah + Helen
discuss their impulse to create a letter writing workshop. 43 seconds. 2012/02/25

Dear Enabler,

The beauty of these films is the windows they offer into our collective past. And the time / space collapsing ability to form a unified community. Our viewings here, them speaking there.

They also point at the limitation of medium. The fragmentation of experience as it’s mediated by technology, perspective, memory only passes through pieces of a time and place. The beauty for me is the act of viewing them in this space. Here / now they become something completely new. And the footage / feedback can be shot into the future to all, to the archive.



Syrus hung bios of local activists and provided stickers encouraging the enablers to write a letter as an act of solidarity.

Listen to Syrus Marcus Ware
read a letter from James Baldwin to Angela Davis. 2 minutes 39 seconds. 2012/02/18

Listen to Syrus Marcus Ware
read from other letters. 2 minutes 28 seconds. 2012/02/18