Rebels Rule screening

Curated by G.B. Jones, Alex McClelland, Leila Pourtavaf, and Lex Vaughn

Gladstone Hotel Ballroom

Sunday, March 4, 9 PM

“Hi there. The reason I’m writing is that I wanted to share an idea I had with you to see what you thought of it. I would like to put together a night devoted to Will’s films and appearances in films – basically, a retrospective of his film work […] as you know and can see, Will did a lot of film work, and I thought it would be so amazing to have a retrospective and bring it all to people’s attention, to celebrate his life and his impact on so many people in Toronto and way beyond.”

– G.B. Jones, email, 9 October, 2010


Rebels Rule (1998) by Will Munro; Queercore, a punk-u-mentary (1996) by Scott Treleaven; The Hidden Cameras’ Golden Streams (2002) by Joel Gibb; Drowning (1996) by D.C. Hillier; Gentleman Reg’s The Boyfriend Song (2004) by Kevin Drew; Sunflower (2004) by Keith Cole and Michael Caines; Fagtactics (2002) by Scott Miller Berry; The Hidden Cameras’ Mississauga Goddam (2004) by Joel Gibb; filth (2004) by Wrik Mead; and Kids on TV’s Breakdance Hunx (2006) by John Caffery and Sarah Haywood.