IMAGINE US: Call for Submissions

Vari Hall, York University
25 – 28 March 2013


Mobilized in direct response to sexual and gender based violence on campus, Chase Joynt’s IMAGINE US will be boldly installed in Vari Hall this March. By co-opting the structures of various York University advertisements and popular poster sales, the project utilizes still and moving image portraits to fearlessly turn the densely populated public space into an unavoidable viewing gallery of personal connections to these issues. Passing through, audiences quickly learn that each face unflinchingly featured by Joynt carries a history of sexual and/or gender based violence, the sheer size and scale of the project imploring the attention of all people. Part Andy Warhol’s Screen Tests, and part Foucauldian panopticon, Joynt brazenly shifts the gaze back onto the York community, confronting viewers with the unavoidable realities of violence experienced by so many.

Commissioned by the Art Gallery at York University (AGYU) with support of The Woman and Trans People Safety Committee.


Chase Joynt is currently seeking still and moving image submissions for this project. Photos will be included on posters in and around York University, and on related project websites. If you have personal experience with sexual and/or gender-based violence, and a willingness to contribute your image please consider participating in IMAGINE US. Affiliation with York University is not required.

Please note that participants will never be identified by name, as the images displayed will have no text other than the project name, as well as the statement “How many more stories will it take?” In addition, this project recognizes that “sexual and/or gender-based violence” takes on a variety of circumstances, actions and forms, and project participants will never be asked to disclose nor justify their self-selected involvement in the piece.


As a PhD student at York University, I continue to feel inundated by images of “the ideal student” on posters and in advertisements. In addition, we are incessantly surrounded by consumer-generated opportunities to buy posters, to absorb images, and to get the things “we want and need” while on campus every day. IMAGINE US strategically imagines a different form of affective visual consumption.

As a survivor of sexual and gender-based violence, I wonder what it could mean to bring so many faces to these issues, to break open the pockets of silence supported by broader institutions, and to ask for levels of accountability currently yet to be proposed or seen. As a trans person, I continually fight against instincts that tell me I am alone and/or singular in my experiences of the world, and I seek to align and collaborate with others to dismantle the structures that keep us feeling disrespected, unsafe and unseen.

We will widely publicize the project through the AGYU, and hope to involve as many people as we can… the AGYU is fully accessible and we will work with The Woman and Trans People Safety Committee to meet further project and participant needs.

I am available via e-mail and/or to meet in the Toronto area if you would like to speak further about the project. Thank you for your time and consideration.

- Chase Joynt


1. Please e-mail a picture of yourself to or
2. If you are interested in participating in the video portrait campaign (a short 15 second portrait of you looking at the camera), please make note in your e-mail and Chase will contact you directly.

If you have access to a computer or phone with a camera, everything can be done from the privacy and control of your own space. There will also be a photo session held in the York University TBLGAY offices (449a The Student Centre), timing to be confirmed.

For more information or to participate or to submit please contact or

Chase Joynt is a Toronto-based filmmaker, performer, and writer. Recently awarded the EP Canada/Canada Film Capital Award for Emerging Canadian Artist and the Jury Award at the Regent Park Film Festival, Chase’s film Akin is currently being exhibited at festivals in Canada, the US and Internationally. His last film, Everyday to Stay was awarded Best Short Film while on tour with Madrid’s International Gay and Lesbian Film Festival, and the Jury Award for Best Documentary in Bangalore, India. Chase’s latest media installation project Resisterectomy was curated by The Feminist Art Gallery in Toronto, and presented as a solo exhibition in collaboration with Mary Bryson at Access Gallery in Vancouver, BC. He is currently pursuing a PhD in Cinema and Media Studies at York University.