The wheels on The Performance Bus go round and round …

Get on The Performance Bus Wednesday Night!

AGYU’s free Performance Bus departs OCADU on Wednesday February 5 at 6 pm sharp en route to the opening reception of the Centre For Incidental Activisms #2 (CIA#2) at AGYU and returns downtown at 9 pm.

A father, his bus, and his son.

Wayne and Derek Liddington—father and son—share a sentimental journey with riders on The Performance Bus. Through a combination of experienced and inexperienced memory, Derek, a Toronto-based artist, and Wayne, a Mississauga Transit driver, reenact one of the most important moments of sharing and learning between a father and son: learning how to drive. Only now the stakes are increased (and so is the size of the vehicle). Using The Performance Bus as a context and as a prop, they tenderly explore this historical moment of exchange and coming of age experience as a public conversation that has wider implications concerning pedagogy, participation, and performance.
Derek Liddington works and lives in Toronto. He obtained his MFA from the University of Western Ontario and BFA from the Nova Scotia College of Art and Design. Liddington’s work has also been exhibited in solo and group exhibitions, most recently at Art Gallery Mississauga, Art Berlin Contemporary, Onagawa AIR, Japan, Cambridge Galleries and at Daniel Faria Gallery, where he is represented. In 2011, Derek Liddington was shortlisted for the Toronto Friends of the Visual Arts Artist Prize.

The CIA#2 wants you!

Do you consider yourself a packrat, or a minimalist? Have you lost something in a fire or a flood? Have you got an eccentric collection of some kind? Through his research in the human-object relationship, Jp King may be interested in conducting an interview with you. Write him a short note in response to these questions at:


If you participated in the Anarchist Free University as a student, teacher, shit disturber, or class clown, you’re invited to contribute to the compilation and/or editing of the Anarchist Free Archive. Get in touch at Specifically seeking:

  • Past minutes, course lists, and/or reading packages
  • Documentation from events or classes
  • People willing to be interviewed about their experiences or participate in the editing process

The Centre for Incidental Activisms #2 is a choreographed collaboration between social organizer/visual artist Maggie Flynn, dancer/choreographer Ame Henderson, writer/“paper pusher” Jp King, and the interdisciplinary collective Terrarea (Janis Demkiw, Emily Hogg, Olia Mishchenko) with a series of special projects by spoken word artist/activist The M.A.D. Poet (aka Melissa A. Dean), visual artist/educator Mark “Kurupt” Stoddart and Jane-Finch youth from Success Beyond Limits.

CIA #2 is the second in a series of experimental exhibition projects that re-envision a different role and function for the gallery space. Over the next two months, projects are developed in the gallery through hands-on “studio-based” explorations, workshops, screenings, hosted events, guerilla publishing, and other convivial encounters with individuals and groups.

The Performance Bus: Taking artists for a ride for over a decade.