Volunteering at the Gallery

The AGYU offers a number of opportunities for York students and other interested individuals to gain valuable experience in art gallery programming and administration. Through a commitment to an active volunteer program, the Gallery seeks to develop a familiarity with the role played by contemporary public galleries within a broader cultural context. The experience gained through volunteering at a professionally staffed gallery provides students with critical knowledge and skills for their future careers in the arts. As important members of the AGYU team, volunteers are involved in diverse projects that include special events, tours, publicity, gallery monitoring, and fundraising. The AGYU would like to extend a very special thank-you to the many volunteers who have offered their time and energy.


The AGYU has a number of volunteer and apprenticeship opportunities for York University students and community members. Learn skills valuable to your career in the arts, gain experience working in a professionally staffed public gallery and meet arists and arts professionals from across Canada and abroad.

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