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Spring Exhibitions

Derek Liddington: the body will always bend before it breaks, the tower will always break before it bends

5 April – 4 June 2017

Opening Reception: Wednesday April 5, 6 – 9 pm

the body will always bend before it breaks, the tower will always break before it bends is a performance of two photographic stills taken from two 1928 Ballet Russes productions—Ode and Apollon Musagète—staged back-to-back across two sites: the Art Gallery of York University and the Southern Alberta Art Gallery (23 June — 10 September 2017). Not a travelling exhibition in the conventional sense, the body will always… pivots across time and space and through its various material means, including the creation of new two- and three-dimensional work in fabric, marble, pencil, watercolour, and clay…..

The Second Last Ever for Real Performance Bus Leaves OCAD on Wednesday, April 5, at 6 pm sharp

Have you ever participated in a life drawing class? Almost a prerequisite for all artists in the early stages of their art school training, it’s when a model holds stock-still in a rotation of odd poses for three hours at a time, and you draw what you see. If you haven’t tried it yet, now’s your chance. Only this time we’ve added a moving school bus to make it a bit more dynamic… Join Chris Heller to test your drawing skillz.

AGYU VITRINES: Sheri Nault: Entangled Bodies

Finding herself displaced in an unfamiliar landscape and working to methodically attune herself to this new environment, Sheri Nault has slowly and meticulously gathered flowers and other natural materials found in Toronto. Working with wood, bark, beeswax, and human hair, she tells a story of interconnectedness, of bodies whose boundaries are permeable and overlap. Local and global, these materials are entangled. Hair becomes an outgrowth of another body while wax, leaking like sap, binds to tree, bark, and roots. Grounded in the necessity of growing alternative knowledges, she cultivates an intimacy and sensitivity to the environment through ecological sensibilities, shared stories, and relayed connections.

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