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Iris Häussler: The Sophie La Rosière Project

14 September – 11 December 2016

Opening Reception: Wednesday, September 14, 6 – 9 pm

Trained as a sculptor, since 2009 the German-born, Toronto-resident artist Iris Häussler has been painting. But not just any painting. It’s been out of date for a hundred years! In fact (or is it fiction?), after teaching herself how to paint, Häussler has produced the complete oeuvre of unknown French artist Sophie La Rosière who died in 1948. In fact, Häussler has created

Curated by Philip Monk

Performance Bus

A mold of a dying man’s hand … a morphine dream … a woman in a hospital room overhearing the many conversations taking place in the curtained cells surrounding her own … nurses named after famous writers … and so many other tiny topographies. Enter the world of Giller-nominated writer and multidexterous artist Martha Baillie as she secrets you away on this iteration of The Performance Bus

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