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Writing Award 2013 Best Article: Deanna Bowen’s “Invisible Empires”

2013 Best Article award
Ashley Mitrakos

Crossing the Line: on Difficult Images

28 February 2012
Public symposium

Deanna Bowen:
Invisible Empires

16 January – 17 March 2013
in the main galleries

The (Performance) Buses Are A’Comin’

16 January 2013
The Performance Bus

Winter 2013 Newsletter: Out There: Crossing the Line

Deanna Bowen: Invisible Empires

Fall 2012 Newsletter: Imagining there’s somewhere out there

Imaginary Homelands

Chronicles of the Outspoken

Spring 2012
education project

Winter 2012 Newsletter: An Army of Lovers Will Never Be Defeated

Will Munro

Fall 2011 Newsletter: Surge Out There

Raqs media collective

Deanna Bowen, Eugenio Salas, and Public Studio (Elle Flanders, Tamira Sawatzky, Eshrat Erfanian)
Centre for Incidental Activisms [CIA]

Winter 2011 exhibition
Gallery 2