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Writing Award 2013 Best Article: Deanna Bowen’s “Invisible Empires”

2013 Best Article award
Ashley Mitrakos

Crossing the Line: on Difficult Images

28 February 2012
Public symposium

Deanna Bowen:
Invisible Empires

16 January – 17 March 2013
in the main galleries

The (Performance) Buses Are A’Comin’

16 January 2013
The Performance Bus

Winter 2013 Newsletter
Out There: Crossing the Line

Deanna Bowen: Invisible Empires

Fall 2012 Newsletter
Imagining there’s somewhere Out There

Imaginary Homelands

Chronicles of the Outspoken

Spring 2012
education project

Winter 2012 Newsletter
An Army of Lovers Will Never Be Defeated

Will Munro

Fall 2011 Newsletter
Surge Out There

Raqs media collective

Deanna Bowen, Eugenio Salas, and Public Studio (Elle Flanders, Tamira Sawatzky, Eshrat Erfanian)
Centre for Incidental Activisms [CIA]

Winter 2011 exhibition
Gallery 2